Codetect® industrial gas odorization

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Arkema has developed a full range of high quality gas odorants to bring your gas networks the characteristic "smell of danger" in case of leakage, as safety measure as well as tool to save those valuable gases. Codetect® can be used in steel manufacturing for CO rich gases to prevent poisoning and asphyxiation. 

Other formulations such as Spotleaks® or pure products (sulphides) can be used for certain industrial applications (oxygen, nitrogen, etc.). This odorization also makes it possible to carry out maintenance operations as soon as possible with controlled capex, while limiting the costs related to gas losses.


CAS number
75-66-1, 75-18-3, 624-89-5, 107-03-9
Chemical name
TertioButylMercaptan (TBM), IsoPropylMercaptan (IPM), TetraHydroThiophen (THT), MethylEthylSulfide (MES), DiMethylSulfide (DMS)
Common name
Mercaptan, Sulfide




Mercaptans and Sulfides mix



  • Building and construction
  • Oil and gas


  • Natural gas odorization

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