The roof of Court n° 1 at Wimbledon protected with Kynar 500®, 20 years on, has lost none of its shimmer!

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The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is in full swing with matches following on one after the other. After so many years, the facilities still stand in all their glory. Kynar 500®, Arkema's PVDF, plays a role in this, as it provides long-lasting protection for the roof of Court n°1.

Almost 20 years ago, Wimbledon's Court n°1 was refurbished so as to be able to continue housing the world's most prestigious Grand Slam tournament. The company Euramax Coated Products UK Ltd at the time decided to cover the circular roof of this court with aluminium panels protected with a Kynar 500® PVDF coating.

This Kynar 500® based paint was selected by the firm of architects Building Design Partnership for its durable protection as well as the guaranteed long life of its original colour, olive green, chosen to blend in with the grass courts. 20 years on, this coating has kept its promise. The quality of the roof is still intact!


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