K2013: Arkema showcases its latest sustainable innovations in its specialty polymers and additives ranges

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Arkema places innovation at the heart of its development strategy. The consecration of its intense R&D policy, for the third consecutive year Arkema ranks among the "Top 100 innovative organizations and companies” in the world, as compiled by Thomson Reuters. This presence in an internationally recognized classification rewards the innovation efforts of the Group which holds nearly 5,500 patents and files no fewer than 150 priority research patents every year around the world. Mostly focused on sustainable development, the technological advances yielded by Arkema’s R&D in specialty polymers make the Group one of most innovative chemicals manufacturers in the world. K2013 is the opportunity for Arkema to showcase its latest significant innovations in its fluoropolymers, high-performance polyamides, polyolefins, organic peroxides, and plastic additives ranges

Powering plastics performances for a sustainable world

Developing lightweight materials to replace metal and reduce oil consumption in transport, producing technical polymers from renewable raw materials, or improving the efficiency of key components to contribute to the development of new energies, are three of R&D Arkema’s five priority areas.

Arkema provides sustainable solutions to today's big challenges

Its biosourced technical plastics (Rilsan® 11, Pebax® Rnew, Altuglas® Rnew), ultra high performance polymers (Rilsan® HT, Kynar®, Altuglas® Composite, Altuglas® ShiedUp), plastic additives (Durastrength®, Clearstrength®, Plastistrength®) as well as tie and sealing layer materials (Evatane®, Lotryl®, Lotader®, Orevac®, Evasin®) are helping meet these major sustainability challenges. The Group has turned eco-technologies into reality with increasingly efficient materials, the key to the competitiveness of its downstream markets.


Arkema offers the plastics industry an extensive range of high performance materials for the oil&gas, automotive, aerospace, packaging and consumer goods applications. K2013 is the opportunity for Arkema to showcase its latest innovations in its fluoropolymers, high-performance polyamides, polyolefins, organic peroxides, and plastic additives ranges.


The latest Arkema's innovations showcased at K2013

  • Kynar® PVDF: a multi-tasking, multi-talented range

- New high fluidity Kynar®705 for PVDF for all types of filament applications   

- New Kynar® PVDF foam solutions: combining lightweight with PVDF high performance properties    

- New Kynar® PVDF “E” range: designed for potable water fitting applications   


  • High-performance polyamides: Arkema consolidates its leadership

- A unique polyamide range (PA 10, 11 and 12) offering incomparable value to the market    
- Pebax®: the highest performance among TPEs
- Rilsan® Clear: unique transparency and glossy finish
- Engine Cooling and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems: successful new metal & rubber replacement with Rilsan® HT     

  • Polyolefins: Arkema, a unique supplier of tie and sealing layers and barrier materials

- Arkema expands its range of Ethylene acrylate copolymers with Lotryl® with a modified structure     
- Lotry® Bestpeel 2012: optimised clarity and temperature resistance    
- Evasin® EVOH: very high barrier properties to gas    
- Orevac® OE825: new concentrate with high power of adhesion    
- Lotader® IM terpolymer impact modifiers: improving resistance of polyamides
- Orevac® 18410 in tie layer for oil and natural gas piping systems    
- Orevac®18340 to enable excellent processability of HFFR compounds for cables and wires    
Evatane® 28-25PV: meeting the most stringent requirements in photovoltaic solar panel encapsulation

  • Arkema expands its range of processing aids and impact modifiers with new high performance grades and launches a new odourless organic peroxide

- Two new Impact Modifiers for PVC

- Four new Processing Aids for PVC     
- Two new core/shell modifiers to boost the impact properties of Engineering Polymer compounds    
- Luperox® FreeO makes malodorous synthetic rubber soles a thing of the past    

  • Altuglas® International, the PMMA expert brand brings creativity,  innovation and sustainable solutions

Altuglas®, the LED specialist
- New resin range for LED lighting: Altuglas® Diffuse     
- New generation of coloured Altuglas® acrylic sheet optimised for LED signs: Altuglas® LED system and Altuglas® Night & Day    
- New coloured Altuglas® acrylic blocks optimised for LED signs: Altuglas® Blocks LED system     

Altuglas®, a weight “optimiser” in transport

- Altuglas® Composite, the first thermoplastic resin that processes like thermosets    

- A fully transparent limousine car in Altuglas® ShiedUp    
- An ultra-resistant boat cockpit window made of Altuglas® ShieldUp    -
- An ultra-resistant aircraft cockpit window in Altuglas®    

- Altuglas® Rnew : an innovative biopolymer resin allowing major brands to meet their sustainability targets    

- Altuglas® Luctor medical : a new acrylic alloy designed to reduce processing costs nof medical devices

- New colours for design specialists within the acrylic sheets portfolio


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