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Distributors of utilities for consumer use are required by law to odorize natural gas and propane to assist in detecting possible leaks and lessening the risk of natural gas explosions. Therefore, Arkema Odorants offers product lines for use in both natural gas and propane/butane, including various blends of SPOTLEAK®, EthylMercaptan (EM), and THT (TetraHydroThiophene).

Arkema also offers multiple odor control agents. The first is O-Scent, which is a highly effective airborne odor neutralizer that comes in a standard formulation called O-Scent OC, and a low-temperature formula called O-Scent AF. The other odor control product is Mercaptan Assassin®, which is sold as a kit containing Mercaptan Assassin ESD and Mercaptan Assassin™ AOT. The Mercaptan Assasin® system is used to clean up mercaptan spills, treat empty drums, and remove mercaptan from fabric or clothing. Similar to O-Scent, it is effective for foul odor "emergencies" where both instant and long-lasting odor control are desired. It is safe to be used around people, domesticated animals, plants and marine life.

Key figures for 2023

Number of employees


Local economic impact (payroll/utility/property taxes paid annually)


Investment in health, environment, and safety


Safety record

More than 20 years without a lost-time injury

Investment in health, environment and safety

  • Upgraded equipment to eliminate TSS permit exceedances at stormwater outfall.
  • Upgraded delivery fleet to reduce sources of leaks.
  • State-of-the-art "closed-loop" delivery system utilized. In traditional "flared" delivery, excess vapors are burned off creating sulfur dioxide, raising environmental concerns and resulting in a powerful aroma. Odor-Tech's closed-loop delivery system eliminates excess vapors and results in a safer, odor-free, delivery.
  • Each of the storage tanks on the Pineville site is surrounded by a secondary, welded-steel containment structure that can hold the entire contents of the tank in the event of an emergency.
SPOTLEAK® and Mercaptan Assassin™ are registered trademarks of Arkema Inc.
Responsible Care® is a registered trademark of the American Chemistry Council.

The Arkema Group, through its Common Ground® program, is committed to building relationships between our Company and its communities. Community relations enable the Group to open up its sites to the outside world and establish genuine relations of trust with all its stakeholders. 

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SPOTLEAK® and Mercaptan Assassin® are registered trademarks of Arkema Inc.
Responsible Care® is a registered trademark of the American Chemistry Council.

Last Updated - December 2023