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Our product brands include Rheotech™ acrylic thickeners for coatings, Coapur™ polyurethane thickeners for coatings, Rheosolve and Coadis™ specialty dispersing agents, Ethacryl™ superplasticizers for concrete admixtures, and Rheocarb™ specialty rheology modifiers for paper coating.

Visit our Rheology and Specialty Additives website for more information.

Key figures for 2023

Number of employees


Local economic impact (includes payroll/utility/property taxes)

$8.5 million

Investment in health, environment, and safety


Safety record

6 years without a lost-time injury

Our commitment to safety and the environment

Safety remains our utmost priority. The facility is committed to complying with all regulations and standards related to occupational safety, environmental protection, and pollution prevention.                                                                                                                                                                

  • In 2022, Rheology and Specialty Additives continued projects to reduce water and energy consumption, to cut the amount of waste sent to landfills, and to keep our employees safe and healthy
  • Hazardous waste operations emergency response (HAZWOPWER) trained employees
  • Confined space rescue trained employees
  • Personnel trained in First Aid, CPR & AED (Automated External Defibrillation)
  • Member of CHEMTREC (Chemical Transportation Emergency Center)
  • 100% of employees are trained and actively participate in the Behavior Based Safety Program

The Arkema Group, through its Common Ground® program, is committed to building relationships between our Company and its communities. Community relations enable the Group to open up its sites to the outside world and establish genuine relations of trust with all its stakeholders. 

Community involvement

Our site regularly engages in and provides donations for local community and educational programs:

Last Updated: December 2023