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Products and markets

The films produced in Petersburg, VA are used as thermobonding films, barriers or breathable membranes by other manufacturers in the following applications:

  • Automotive
  • Building components
  • Assembly

Key figures for 2023

Number of employees


Local economic impact


Investment in health, environment, and safety


Safety record

No lost-time injury since the acquisition by Bostik Inc. in 2019


Our commitment to safety and the environment

The site is committed to ensure complying with all Arkema’s policies regarding the safe conduct of our operations. The company invested in 2022 in safety upgrades such as:

  • Machine guarding for all the production lines
  • Dock locks

Following the regulations and standards related to occupational safety, environmental protection, and pollution prevention is also our top priority.

In parallel there is a continual site focus on energy efficiency and waste reduction, including lean manufacturing principles.

Last updated: December 2023