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The wire and cable industry uses Di-Cup® and Vul-Cup® organic peroxide pure grades to improve the durability and service life of polymer insulations without sacrificing cleanliness standards. The products are used to crosslink the polymer in the insulated portion of the cable to provide greater thermal stability against the high temperature generated by medium and high voltage power transmission. Luperox® liquid organic peroxides offer absorption performance in processes where faster absorption time is necessary without the need for melting equipment.

The rubber industry uses Di-Cup® and Vul-Cup® organic peroxide supported grades in automotive rubber parts to provide optimum crosslinking, which reduces failures in high temperature and oxidative environments. The products are also used throughout the rubber industry to improve the compression set resistance of the compound, eliminate discoloration and provide greater low-temperature flexibility of the vulcanizate.

Key figures for 2020

Number of employees

76 employees on site, where three separate companies are co-located. Four Arkema employees are based at this plant.

The local economic impact of (includes payroll/utility/ property taxes)

$2.6 million

Investment in health, environment, and safety

$1 million

Safety record

3+ years without a lost-time injury

Our commitment to safety and the environment

  • Replace end-of-life equipment
  • Add equipment for safety and ergonomic improvement
  • We closely monitor our manufacturing processes to ensure the safety of our employees, neighbors, customers and the environment. We take our corporate citizenship responsibility seriously and work continually to educate our neighbors and the surrounding community about the activities that take place in our plants.

Community involvement

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Last updated: July 2021