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 Arkema is one of the leading global suppliers of paints and coatings. Its high-performance products are innovative and are used to manufacture paints, coatings, and adhesives, which are respectful of the environment.

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Key figures for 2020

Number of employees


Local economic impact (payroll/utility/property taxes paid annually)

$6.8 million

Investment in health, environment, and safety


Safety record

16 years with one lost time injury

Our commitment to safety and the environment

  • Safety training – site utilizes the SafeStart® program and Safety Academy training which encourages safe behavior both at work and home.
  • Implemented a recycling program as well as a universal waste program (batteries, aerosol cans, light fixtures, light bulbs).
  • Continued upgrades and safety system compliance, planned for 2021 for capital improvements on site.
  • Active in Behavior Based Safety and LeakBuster Programs – designed to identify (by peer review) any unsafe behaviors that could lead to an accident as well as any minor leaks/spills that need to be caught/addressed before becoming an issue.
  • Use of a corporate-wide Safe Work Assessment Tool (SWAT) to better “Observe-Recognize-Eliminate-Communicate” workplace hazards.
  • Arkema Coating Resins is continuously improving our products, manufacturing practices, and services to minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Assist customers in scientific analyses to better understand the potential environmental impact of our products and formulations made with our products.
    • Providing information on the safe transport, storage, and use of our products.
    • Meeting or exceeding all required regulatory standards in our operations and products.
    • Providing regulatory compliance information to our customers.
    • Being an open and cooperative partner to the communities in which we operate.

The Arkema Group, through its Common Ground® program, is committed to building relationships between our Company and its communities. Community relations enable the Group to open up its sites to the outside world and establish genuine relations of trust with all its stakeholders.

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Last updated: August 2021