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Originally owned by Aristech, the site was sold to Ashland in 1995. In 1998 Ashland decommissioned the plant, removing all manufacturing equipment and continued operations as a warehouse. Arkema/Bostik acquired the site in March 2022. More than two million dollars in significant capital improvements for safety, material handling, and environmental controls has been invested since 1995.
The facility contributes more than $300,000 annually to the local economy.

Bostik, Inc.

The Colton facility plant is part of Bostik’s Advanced Packaging business. Bostik’s headquarters are in Wauwatosa, WI. Bostik is a leading, worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals serving industries including adhesives, automotive, composites, paint, paper, and plastics.

About our People

Two associates make up the Colton team. Corporate staff and the on-site hourly employees meet regularly to improve the work environment in the facility.
Employees live in Colton and surrounding communities like Ontario and San Bernadino.
The dedication and teamwork of our Colton employees, combined with our business philosophy of continuous improvement, enabled the Colton facility to operate incident and injury free since March 2014.

Products and markets

The products warehoused at the Colton facility are sold to customers under the trade name of AROSETTM, FLEXYCRYLTM and PURELAMTM. These adhesives are used to laminate flexible films for labels and food packaging

Our Adhesives

The adhesives stored at the Colton facility are transferred from Bostik plants located in Columbus, OH, Calumet City, IL, and Piedmont SC. These products are acrylic or urethane-based adhesives.
The Colton facility warehouses these adhesives and distributes them to our customers based in southern California. Colton distributes ten million pounds of adhesive annually.
The finished adhesive is stored and shipped in IBCs and 55-gallon drums.

Our concern for the community and the environment

We go the extra mile in our efforts to operate safely and protect the environment.
We take these precautions because we care about the health and safety of our employees and our neighbors throughout the community.
Our employees are highly trained, and new training as well as refresher training is ongoing. We have a comprehensive process for maintaining the reliability of our equipment and for implementing any changes to our systems.
The facility even acts as a miniature recycling operation. Aluminum beverage cans, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and printing paper are recycled.

We are dedicated to Responsible Care*

Bostik’s Colton facility is deeply committed to the Responsible Care initiative of the American Chemical Council (ACC). As an ACC member, our Responsible Care pledge is to make continuous improvement to our operations in the areas of health, safety, and the environment. In addition to our own efforts at the Colton facility, we also work together with local fire, safety, and emergency forces to help protect the safety of our employees, our community, and our environment.
Each one of us at Bostik’s Colton facility is dedicated to fulfilling our Responsible Care obligations.

Community Involvement

Our commitment to the Responsible Care initiative includes being an active and responsible member of our local community and seeking dialogue with our facility's neighbors.
We take pride in our involvement with the local community. Our employees are regular contributors to the annual United Way campaign, and they frequently conduct Earth Day awareness activities and other events.