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Our recruitment and career management policy

Join us and become part of a company working on empowering its talents.

The profiles we seek

We have many opportunities for you. We recruit junior, experienced, and expert people from wide-ranging backgrounds such as research and development, process, manufacture, finance, marketing and human resources.

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Joining Arkema therefore means joining a growing group, which has followed an exemplary course since its beginnings and has high ambitions for itself and its employees.

Your career path within Arkema

Throughout your career in Arkema, you will be assisted by a career manager or a talent manager to help you raise your professional skills and move on to more senior posts, depending on your aspirations.

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Because the Group is international, you will have the opportunity to work abroad, from a few days to a few months, or even have an ex-pat posting over several years.

Arkema Inc. certified Top Employer 2024

Top_Employer_United_States_of_America_2024.pngFor the third year in a row, Arkema has been officially certified as a Top Employer in the US, and also in 9 other countries (France, China, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and the Philippines).

This Top Employer certification is given in recognition of the excellence of our HR practices in these ten countries, which account for more than two-thirds of our employees and recruitments worldwide.

The Top Employer audit covers all aspects of human resources: recruitment of talent, quality of life at work, career management, training and skills development, as well as our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

“Please join me in celebrating Arkema’s Top Employer renewal certification! This prestigious and selective recognition speaks volumes about the importance of attracting, developing, engaging and uniting talent around common values, including inclusion, for the Group.  It is also exciting to see the Group being recognized and branded as an Employer of Choice. This will strengthen our ability to attract new talent.”  Sandra Auffray, Senior Vice-President, Arkema Americas.

The values we believe in

Joining Arkema is also agreeing to a set of values and principles that we heed and share on a daily basis:


Individual talent is little or nothing without collective strength. And solidarity is one of Arkema’s great strengths. It is the foundation of One Arkema. Knowing how to work as a team without butting egos but listening to each other, is vital.


Performance is the cornerstone of any business. Arkema is very demanding in this area. Financial performance and operational performance, of course, but also a more qualitative and collective performance. Performance means excellence. It also evokes the performance of our materials.


This is the contract of trust. The ability to know how to delegate and to be convinced that each person, whatever their level, can and must make a difference.


Simplicity is a way of being, a state of mind. It means remaining humble and knowing how to question oneself. It is a particular way of operating, all the more important in today’s complex world. It’s knowing how to manage your priorities and go straight to the essentials, presenting things simply so as to encourage agility and efficiency.


The social role of the company is increasingly evident. And it cannot just stop at the company’s doorstep. It includes all stakeholders. Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. We must be exemplary in this area. Everyone must be involved, because diversity is an essential asset for the Group to achieve its ambitions.

What they are saying

I’ve worked with highly motivated, supportive colleagues, and accessible management, and I have never felt that being a woman has held me back. This people focus is vital for us to advance together and feel fulfilled in our work.

Arkema’s values of solidarity and simplicity resonate with me and contrast with my past experiences at other organizations. 

Arkema, innovative materials

Innovation at the heart of our strategy

Innovation is part of our DNA, and also the key to our performance and growth. Hence the Group allocates 2.9% of its sales to research and development and employs some 1,800 researchers.

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Innovation permeates the Group’s four business segments:

  • Adhesive solutions

  • Advanced Materials

  • Coating solutions

  • Intermediates

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An international Group

With its 21,100 employees, our Group operates 151 industrial sites and 17 research centers in over 55 countries. Every year, 2,000 people are recruited around the world.

This global presence is the result of a nimble and balanced geographic expansion between three main regions: Europe, North America, Asia, and the rest of the world.

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