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Oleris® Bio-Based
Methyl Undecylenate

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CAS: 111-81-9
EC: 203-910-8
REACH: 01-2119516445-42-0000
Product overview

Oleris® Methyl Undecylenate is a bio-based, bifunctional fatty ester with a terminal double bond from a renewable castor oil source. Suitable for use in innovative sustainable design.

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Chemical name : Methyl undecylenate
Common name : Methyl 10-undecenoate, methyl undec-10-enoate, 10-undecenoic acid methyl ester, undecylenic acid methyl ester


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Features and Certifications

  • 100% linear bifunctional fatty ester with a terminal double bond
  • High purity ≥ 97% 
  • Carbon neutral (ISO 14040)
  • 100% castor oil origin
  • 100% degree of Natural Origin (ISO16128:2016-Annex C)
  • KOSHER and HALAL certified
  • GMO and BSE-TSE free
  • Conforms to the Natural and Organic Cosmetics standard
  • Conforms to Natural Detergents and Natural Detergents made with Organic standard
  • For use as chemical intermediate and as an additive in formulations



Arkema is a Founding Member of Pragati:
The World's First Sustainable Castor Program

The goal of the Pragati project is to enable sustainable castor crop production.



Used as a 100% bio-based, sustainable, carbon-neutral building block where the following properties might be needed:
  • High purity 
  • 100% Linearity
  • High reactivity
  • Anti-odor properties
Common applications include:

Cosmetic Applications

Oleris® Methyl undecylenate is used as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of:

  • Cosmetics with surfactant or anti-dandruff properties
  • Organo-modified silicones for hair care preparations and sun care products
  • Derivatives based on ammonium or ethanolamide used in hair care products

And in particular is used as such in formulations requiring its anti-odor properties.

INCI name: methyl undecylenate or methyl undecenoate.

Flavors and Fragrances Applications

Oleris® Methyl undecylenate is used in the synthesis of important aromatic compounds having a large number of carbon atoms like macrocyclic musks. Oleris® Methyl undecylenate is used as such in formulations requiring its anti-odor properties.

Polymerization and metathesis.

Oleris® Methyl undecylenate is used in polymerization as a chain regulator and in metathesis due to its terminal double bond and its high reactivity. 

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