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Oleris® Bio-Based
Esterol F

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Mixture of the REACH registered substance Esterol A (98% minimum, CAS-No: 67762-38-3) and a pour point depressant
Product overview

Oleris® Esterol F is a bio-based mixture of C18 (> 73%) fatty acid methyl esters from a renewable castor oil source (FAME, VOME) with added pour point depressant. Suitable for use in innovative sustainable design.

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Chemical name: Esterol F

Common name: FAME (C16-C18) from castor oil, Fatty acids (C16-C18) and C18 unsaturated methyl esters, Fatty acids (C16-C18) and C18 unsaturated alkylcarboxylic acid methyl esters


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Features and Certifications

  • Methyl esters of linear fatty acids (>73% C18):  saturated and unsaturated, primarily oleate and linoleate

  • Pour point depressant added for low-temperature performance

  • Castor oil origin

  • Carbon neutral (ISO 14040)

  • Readily biodegradable: > 83% after 28 days (> 75% after 10 days ) (OECD 301 F: Oxygen consumption)

  • Absence of heavy metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)  

  • Low kinematic viscosity at 0°C

  • High flash point

  • KOSHER and HALAL certified
  • GMO and BSE-TSE free
  • For industrial use only



Arkema is a Founding Member of Pragati:
The World's First Sustainable Castor Program

The goal of the Pragati project is to enable sustainable castor crop production.


Used as a bio-based, sustainable, carbon-neutral fluid for applications where the following properties are required:
  • Readily biodegradable

  • High flash point, high boiling point

  • Heavy metals and PAH-free

  • Low kinematic viscosity @ 0°C

  • Sustainable alternative to mineral oils for various industrial applications

Common applications include:


Oleris® Esterol F has a low viscosity and good anti-wear properties and is used as:

  • Lubricity additive in rolling oils
  • Wetting agent in metalworking fluids

Industrial Applications

Oleris® Esterol F is suitable for use in various industrial and construction applications such as:

  • All-weather mold release agent for concrete
  • Fluxing agent and rejuvenator in asphalt & bitumen
  • Sustainable alternative to mineral oils for various industrial applications

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