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Elium® resin for recyclable composite boats

Discover the Product range Elium® resins for thermoplastic composites.
Product overview

Elium® resin is a material well adapted to the composite boats industry and their production. Specially adapted to resin infusion process of large parts with a low viscosity, long reactivity and low exothermy.

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Elium® is suitable to many key parts of a boat like hull, deck, gangway, helm, mast, foil wings and moulds in carbon, glass or natural fibers.

Thanks to 8 years of technical collaboration with the racing team Lalou Multi in France and the development of 3 world class competition sailing boats to date, Arkema 3, a 6.50 transatlantic boat and Arkema 4, a multi-50, Elium® resin has demonstrated superior mechanical performance to thermoset resin with the revolutionary and unique recyclability property.

If the thermoplastic resin Elium® is perfectly suited to the manufacture of hulls and decks, by infusion of carbon or glass fibers, it can also be used to manufacture the underside of semi-rigid boats by infusion molding.

Seduced by the performance of Elium® resin and its ease of use, in 2019, the Breton company Ouest Composites was the first to produce a semi-rigid boat in Elium® resin.

On multi 50 Arkema 4 with cockpit, deckhouse, front outtrigger arm fairing are made with Elium® resin.

30% of the parts were made from recycled Elium® resin.

Elium® 188 O and 188 XO grades have been used during resin infusion of the Arkema 4.

Light Sailing boat with hull, deck and structure made with Elium® resin, natural fibers and recycled carbon par Northen Light, Italy. 

Building a sailboat in recyclable thermoplastic composite is a world first.”

We are offering something new, basing the design of our boats on recyclability.”

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