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Elium® thermoplastic resin for high pressure composite tanks

Discover the Product range Elium® resins for thermoplastic composites.
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Elium® resin allows the manufacture of a new generation of recyclable hydrogen composite tanks. This resin does not damage the fibers of the tank during its manufacture and use. During the recycling phase, it is possible to recover both the resin and the fibers - which represent the majority of the tank's cost - by dissolving them. Thus, an Elium® resin tank offers real advantages: productivity gains in the tank manufacturing phase, recycling, but also real strength and durability.
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Sep 19 2023
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The material most commonly used on the high pressure composite tank market today is epoxy resin. This material offers good mechanical resistance to contain the pressure and the hydrogen and contributes to lightening the weight of the tanks which were made of metal in previous generations. The current tanks of type 4 tanks are made of carbon fibers and epoxy resins epoxy resins wound on a liner.

But the epoxy, like all thermoset composites, also has its disadvantages, mainly its non-recyclability. Currently, end of life epoxy resin tanks, not recyclable, are buried or recovered as solid as solid recovered fuel, in particular for heating heating cement plants.

Elium® resin is therefore welcome in view of the tightening of regulations regulations regarding the burial of industrial industrial waste and increasing recycling obligations in Europe. At the end of the tank's life, he recovers the precious carbon fibres for other uses, as well as the resin.

Elium® resin tanks are simpler to produce and less expensive.

Compared to epoxy resin, the manufacturing phase of the tanks is reduced, mainly the winding time and the curing, perfectly optimized with the Lambson agents of our subsidiary Sartomer.

This allows the manufacturer to lower his investment costs and increase his production rates.

From a safety point of view, the mixture Elium® resin with the carbon fiber ensures the same impermeability of the tank as the epoxy resin. The challenge is to ensure mechanical resistance to the pressure of hydrogen, which amounts to 700 bar.

Arkema, in partnership with CANOE, has even managed to manufacture Elium® tanks that can withstand a pressure of more than 1,500 bar, which means they can hold more hydrogen to contain a larger quantity of hydrogen. The Elium® resin also leads to an improvement in the service life. A composite hydrogen tank made of Elium® resin can last up to 30 years.

Webinar: Filament Winding

Our thermoplastic Elium® resin offers a unique solution for composites products using filament winding process.

This webinar is introducing the principle of the resin and how to use it with current filament winding equipment without major investments. You will discover the list of benefits of the technology from mechanical properties, process efficiency to recyclability.

Watch our webinar

With Elium®, composite hydrogen tanks become more resistant, recyclable and easier to produce.“

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