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Mineral and organic scale formation poses a high risk for the oil industry and needs to be remediated to avoid disruption during production. Scale inhibitors as Inipol® act by disruption of nucleation and/or orderly crystal growth of the deposit being formed.

Inipol® AD

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Mineral scale formation can be inhibited using Inipol® AD additives at very low concentrations, i.e. concentrations much lower than stochiometric levels.

Inipol® AH

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Gas hydrates in oil and gas production result from the occurrence of natural gas and water in a production installation operating at high pressure and low temperature. Deepwater developments are usually at risk during normal operation conditions but in particular during start-up. Pipelines transporting gas in cold climate regions could also be affected and require a prevention strategy too


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Isophorone (IPHO) is used in many end markets such as agrochemicals, fine chemistry, coating, inks, epoxy systems, isocyanates. IPHO, an unsaturated cyclic ketone, is a raw material in many chemical synthesis: IPDA/IPDI (isophorone diamine / isophorone diisocyanate), PCMX (antimicrobial derivatives of 3,5-xylenol), Trimethylcyclohexanone…

IPHO is also used as a solvent, especially in coatings, inks and agrochemicals.