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Foranext® LiFSI for Lithium Ion Batteries

Discover the Product range Foranext®.
Lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide
Product overview
Ultra-pure LiFSI is suitable for use as an additive or main salt in battery electrolytes for improving power performance, stability, and lifetime of lithium-ion batteries.
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Jan 18 2024
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Arkema Aims to Improve EV Battery Safety with Foranext® Gaseous Thermal Barrier Concept

Arkema, a leader in specialty materials, announced today that it intends to improve electric ...
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How Ultra-High Purity Lithium Salt LiFSI Facilitates High Performance in Advanced Battery Technology



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What are the benefits of Foranext® LiFSI?


High performance Foranext® LiFSI offers best-in-class properties:

  • Highest conductivity among all lithium salts
  • Electrochemical stability 
  • Thermal stability
  • High solubility, low viscosity in standard electrolyte solvents
  • Low levels of impurities
  • Compatibility with a wide range of cathode / anode materials

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Next Generation Battery Technologies


LiFSI is suitable for next generation battery technologies including high voltage, high energy density and fast-charge systems.


Our experts are ready to provide support for your next electrolyte formulation project.

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