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MSC (Methane Sulfonyl Chloride)

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CAS 124-63-0
Product overview

Methane sulfonyl chloride (MSC) is a versatile and responsive chemical (CH3SO2Cl) for substitution in a number of reactions. Methane sulfonyl chloride (MSC), an acyl chloride, undergoes reactions typical of this class of compounds, such as replacement of hydroxyl, amino and active alpha hydrogen, hydrolysis, etc.

Geographic availability
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Chemical name: Methane sulfonyl chloride
Common name: MSC

MSC Properties

  • Synthesis intermediate
  • Molecular weight 114,6
  • When hydrolyzed it produces Methane Sulfonyl Acid and Hydrochloric Acid
  • Colorless liquid that dissolves in polar organic solvents but is reactive toward water, alcohols, and many amines.

MSC Benefits and Applications

A key reagent for a wide range of applications in chemical synthesis, it is used in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals. 

  • MSC is an excellent protecting group for alcohols and amines and can be used for the synthesis of carbohydrates.
  • MSC is very effective in generating good leaving groups, it can also be used as chlorinating agent, as a carboxylic acid activating agent, in the synthesis involving inversion of lactones or in the preparation of boronic esters. 
  • Methanesulfonates are often employed in substitution, reduction and elimination reactions.

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