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Heavy Mercaptans

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Arkema offers a range of linear and tertiary mercaptans, used primarily as chain transfer agents to control molecular weight, as antioxidants, or in polymerization.
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Arkema's line of heavy mercaptans have a wide range of applications.

Arkema’s linear mercaptans, including Normal Octyl Mercaptan (NOM) and Normal Dodecyl Mercaptan (NDM), are used primarily in the plastics and rubber industry as a chain tranfer agent (CTA) during the polymerization process of various materials (PMMA, ABS acrylics, and more). They can also be used as building blocks for high performance antioxidants.

The line of tertiary mercaptans include Tertiary Dodecyl Mercaptan (TDM), which is used in radical polymerization processes to control molecular weight in the manufacturing of SBR latex and styrene based polymers. as well as for lubricant additives. Tertiary Nonyl Mercaptan (TNM) is used for making lubricant additives.


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