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Procurement Organization – Raw materials, packaging, and energy

Organized by product segments in each region, our U.S. team of experts is dedicated to implementing appropriate solutions to match the expectations of our businesses to ensure our responsible sourcing commitment is followed in the process.

Sustainability in procurement

To establish lasting relationships with its suppliers, the Arkema group deploys responsible purchasing practices. Arkema's Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as, our Responsible Care® commitment and Together for Sustainability initiative play an important role in the integration and development of sustainability in procurement.

Responsible sourcing

Suppliers that work with Arkema and Affiliates are vital to ensuring a responsible supply chain. This process involves screening all suppliers of raw materials and packaging for their conformance to quality, safety, human rights, and sustainability. Arkema believes this program is vital to our ability to manage and mitigate supplier risk.

In order to qualify as a supplier to Arkema, suppliers are required to complete a questionnaire to obtain information regarding a supplier’s policies and practices on Safety and Health, Quality Management Systems, REACH, Transportation Safety/C-TPAT, Responsible Care®, Responsible Sourcing, Sustainability, Financial Health, and adherence to Arkema Supplier Code of Conduct. Responses to the questionnaire are ranked to determine if a supplier meets all requirements. For more information regarding Arkema’s commitment to responsible sourcing, please visit our pages at:

Vendor informationResponsible Care®

Contact information

Questions on becoming an Arkema-approved raw material supplier can be directed to 610-205-7068.