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We have selected you as a supplier. What happens next?

Each Supplier must be entered into our Vendor Master data system. We require tax identification information from our vendors.  Please complete and return the W-9 form to our Vendor Master mailbox either by e-mail to or fax to 610-205-7729 so that this information can be included on the Vendor Master.

Complete the ACH authorization form, as discussed below.

Insurance requirements

For certain suppliers, Arkema may request proof of insurance and ask to be named as an additional insured on your policies. These requirements will be provided to you by your purchasing contact.  You will be expected to provide the required certificates of insurance to your purchasing representative and to our insurance department.

Sample of Certificate of Insurance


You are going to provide services on-site at an Arkema facility. What do you need to know?

Every Arkema contractor that is providing on-site services must meet our insurance requirements and safety requirements.  Insurance is discussed above.  For safety, you may be required to complete a Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.  The local site safety contact will work with you and with Arkema's purchasing representative to ensure that we receive all the required information.

Tax exemptions

All raw materials consumed by Arkema are tax exempt. Please use the link below to view the Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificates.  The first one is the Multijurisdictional certificate that covers: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. There are Individual Louisiana certificates posted as well.

Please contact Raw Materials Purchasing at if you do not see your state listed.

How do I send invoices to Arkema?

In partnership with Cegedim, Arkema Inc. utilizes the Cegedim SY Portal to automate the supplier invoice receipt process for mail and e-mail invoices. The primary intent of this project is to convert our paper and email invoices to the Cegedim SY Portal to minimize the transition and paper process. 

  • Arkema Inc. will provide an invitation from the Cegedim SY Portal. Suppliers can visit for information on signing up. Both email and upload invoice posting options are available to the supplier.
  • During the transition process, suppliers can submit their invoices to ArkemaIncAPInvoiceOnly@efactures-cegedim.frr (invoice and supporting details must be in one PDF per invoice)

This change applies to all invoices that need to be processed by Arkema Inc.

The existing AP Mailbox should be used for inquiries only.

  • If electronic invoicing is not possible, paper invoices can be sent to:

          Arkema Inc. c/o Cegedim SY Portal
          PO Box 210007
          Dallas, TX 75211

The team thanks you in advance for your support of this initiative. If you have any questions, you can contact: AP Manager or BPOC-Manager Procure to Pay.

Does Arkema have a required invoicing format?

Proper invoicing will make the payment process more efficient for you and us.  Make sure that your invoice contains the required information.  It is essential that each supplier's invoice reference a valid Arkema purchase order number. Purchase orders from our SAP system begin with 4500 and contain 10 digits.

Arkema also requires a structured PDF file for SY Portal invoices and for vendors unable to sign up for the SY Portal, please use the transition mailbox

Questions about non-payment of an invoice?

Here are ways to contact us:

How does Arkema pay suppliers?

Arkema places a strong emphasis on working with suppliers who can accommodate Arkema's requirements for extended payment terms.

Arkema's preferred method of payment for domestic suppliers is via the ACH network.  Payment can be made ACH-CTX or ACH-CCD depending on the supplier's bank requirements.

Each new Supplier must complete the attached ACH payment authorization form.

For foreign suppliers, Arkema will pay by wire. 

Checks are only run once per week.