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Forane® 449A (XP40)

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Product overview

Forane® 449A (XP40) is a R-404A & R-22 retrofit with reduced (AR4) GWP of 1,397 and higher efficiency for low and medium temperature commercial and industrial refrigeration.

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Properties of Forane® 449A (XP40)

  • Average Molecular Weight (g/mol) 87.2
  • Normal Boiling Point (°F) -50.7 - (°C) -45.9
  • Critical Temperature (°F) 178.7- (°C) 81.5
  • ASHRAE Safety Group Classification A1
  • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) 0
  • Global Warming Potential AR4 (GWP) 1,397

Forane® 449A (XP40) Components

Global warming is the challenge for this century, therefore Arkema introduced Forane® 449A (XP40) as the latest fluorinated retrofit refrigerant for R-22 and R-404A with a moderate GWP of 1282. Designed to be suitable for all refrigeration applications, Forane® 449A (XP40) is a four-component refrigerant with a very low boiling temperature and good cycle performance. This refrigerant (R-449A) shows the best rating between thermodynamic performance, end-user safety, and environmental protection, by using the same high-quality system components available in the market today.


Forane® 449A (XP40) components by % wt


R125 R134a



24.7 25.7


Why these components?

Components R-125 and R-134a are non-flammable pure components; they are designed to provide Forane® 449A (XP40) its A1 ASHRAE classification as a non-flammable refrigerant (the A means low Toxicity and 1 means non-flammable). Components R-32 and R-1234yf are low GWP refrigerants used to reduce the direct impact of Forane® 449A (XP40) on global warming potential. The combination of these components allows high system performance, with a potential reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.




Applications for Forane® 449A (XP40)

Forane® 449A (XP40) can be used for refrigeration (left side of the chart) or heating (right side of the chart). Refrigeration applications for the food industry includes supermarkets, commercial low-temperature refrigeration, as well as stand-alone or cold storage. Heating applications are for chillers, reversible systems, and/or hot water heaters. All of these applications use the same positive displacement compressors technology, like piston or scroll technologies.


Benefits of using Forane® 449A (XP40)

Forane® 449A (XP40) can be used to retrofit R-22, R-404A or any R-407 refrigerants (407A to 407H). In order to keep using existing technology (compressors, heat exchangers,…), any new, retrofit refrigerant needs to have the closest properties to the previous one. Mainly, R-449A has similar normal boiling temperature, critical temperature, and volumetric capacity.

Forane® 449A (XP40) is designed to retrofit R-404A, R-22 or R-407 refrigeration equipment.

  1. Forane® 449A (XP40) boiling point is lower than -40°C; this guarantees a positive gauge pressure at the evaporator level.
  2. The higher critical temperature versus R-404A allows for better performance in high ambient temperatures.
  3. The equivalent volumetric capacity for R-22 and R-404A allows the use of Forane® 449A (XP40) as a replacement product without capacity loss.
  4. Forane® 449A (XP40) allows equivalent performances versus existing refrigerants and at the same time lower discharge temperature versus R-22.
  5. Forane® 449A (XP40) is compatible with POE oils, with equivalent thermal stability, low corrosion, and oil degradation level

To determine the compressor envelop that is available for Forane® 449A (XP40), please refer to the compressor manufacturer’s guide.

Retrofit considerations for Forane® 449A (XP40)

When planning a refrigerant retrofit, the technician should conduct a mandatory review of the system technology, standard operating conditions, and fluid properties in order to accomplish a successful refrigerant replacement.

Here are some key points to be considered when replacing the refrigerant:

  • Forane® 449A (XP40) is more suitable for positive displacement compressors (Piston, Scroll…). When using the same compressor displacement, Forane® 449A (XP40) can achieve optimal cooling power and energy savings. Since the maximum operating pressure is a function of the operating conditions and the refrigerant, Forane® 449A (XP40) achieves an equivalent pressure level versus R-22 and R-404A as well as the same maximum operating pressure level.
  • The temperature entropy diagram shows that the R-449A discharge temperature is lower than the R-22 discharge temperature but higher than the R-404A discharge temperature. For this reason, operators should follow the compressor manufacturer’s guide for compressor selection.
  • Forane® 449A (XP40) saturated pressure level is between that of R-22 and R-404A. For the expansion valves, the pressure has an impact on the mass flow and superheat; it should therefore be adjusted as necessary. When retrofitting equipment from R-404A refrigerant to Forane® 449A (XP40), thermostatic expansion valve spring pressure will need to be increased*.
  • When retrofitting the equipment from R-22 refrigerant to Forane® 449A (XP40), the thermostatic expansion valve spring pressure will need to be reduced*.

*Refer to manufacturer expansion valve datasheet for more details

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