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Designed with our Approved Coating Applicators (ACA) in mind

Across the globe, Arkema has a wide network of ACAs to support the Rilsan® fine powders polyamide 11 powder coating products.  These coaters have been audited and trained by Arkema’s technical service team and are certified proficient in the application of Rilsan® fine powders for end-use applications.  With our ACAs in mind, Arkema has designed this mobile application to shorten development cycles and save time on the floor when working through technical scenarios.  Now more than ever, Rilsan® fine powders PA11 coatings can be used to protect metal parts against corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, and varying environmental conditions.

A multi-faceted tool

The Rilsan® fine powders Assistant app is loaded with multiple functions, making it useful for anyone in the powder coating industry.  Powder coaters in the field can use functions such as Technical Support Requests and the built-in Troubleshooting Guide for quick access to support on the go.  Those in development roles can also submit requests to Arkema for support on New Applications.  Like the Technical Support request function, users can fill out a short survey that provides Arkema with all the information necessary to make a recommendation on each unique scenario.  The Recommendation function can also produce specific powder and primer grade recommendations based on the selected certifications and end-use environment provided by the user.  Last, purchasers can submit requests for quotes and inquire for availability easily through the app, using the Request Quote functionality.



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