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Arkema, a pioneer and leader in high-performance materials for 3D printing, continues its development in additive manufacturing and provides innovative new solutions for the major 3D printing technologies. The Group is committed to coming together with new partners to develop novel, more efficient materials that offer fresh perspectives in applications with high technical requirements to meet the growing demand for lightweight materials.

Arkema, through its Sartomer Business, offers an integrated portfolio of solutions for UV-curable 3D printing through its N3xtDimension® range. The product line includes custom formulations, strengthened by the recent acquisition of Colorado Photopolymer Solutions. It also features engineered resins for targeted performance, and a very large portfolio of building blocks and additives including specialty monomers, oligomers, cationic resins and photoinitiators, to optimize properties of formulations.

At the exhibition, Arkema will introduce five new custom formulations for UV-curing:

  • N3D-TOUGH 784: High-strength material with excellent tensile strength and flexibility
  • HT-511: Tough high-temperature resin
  • DMT-303: Performance resin designed to print accurate dental models
  • IC-163: Casting resin for printing high-resolution, high-detail parts that burn out cleanly
  • LF-053: All acrylic 355nm SLA resin for prototyping small to medium parts

Arkema, through its High Performance Polymers business, recently acquired Agiplast, a company specialized in the regeneration of high performance polymers and recycling operations. Arkema has already launched its Virtucycle® program with Agiplast aimed at developing loops for the collection of 3D printing waste powders as well as 3D parts scrap, to be regenerated as high quality recycled polymers. With this acquisition, Arkema will be the first fully integrated high performance polymer manufacturer offering both bio-based and recycled materials.

At the exhibition, new award winning advanced bio-circular materials for powder bed fusion will be featured:

  • Pebax® Rnew® Invent 35 powders: Thermoplastic elastomer made from bio-based, sustainable raw material with superior lightness, strength and energy return
  • Blue Care PA11 powders: Based on Rilsan® Invent PA11, developed and commercialized by Fabulous, this material is blue in the mass and has been certified for Food Contact Application

New materials for extrusion printing will also be introduced:

  • KEPSTAN® PEKK-SC: A high-temperature filament developed and commercialized by Kimya, easy to print, for manufacturing semi-crystalline parts such as seals with exceptional mechanical properties and chemical resistance

"At Arkema, we are constantly developing new technologies to address current and future additive manufacturing industry opportunities. As our portfolio of materials for 3D printing applications grows, we are partnering with cutting-edge leaders in the field to deliver custom material solutions for the ever-growing range of end-use applications,” said Sumeet Jain, Senior Director of 3D Printing Worldwide at Arkema. “We are eager to meet with our customers and partners, and to share our latest innovations at Rapid + TCT.”

Visit Arkema booth E7041 at Rapid + TCT 2021 to talk with our experts and discover our latest solutions, spanning all major additive manufacturing processes.

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Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema offers a portfolio of first-class technologies to address ever-growing demand for new and sustainable materials. With the ambition to become in 2024 a pure player in Specialty Materials, the Group is structured into 3 complementary, resilient and highly innovative segments dedicated to Specialty Materials -Adhesive solutions, Advanced Materials, and Coating Solutions- accounting for some 80% of Group sales, and a well-positioned and competitive Intermediates segment. Arkema offers cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the challenges of, inter alia, new energies, access to water, recycling, urbanization and mobility, and fosters a permanent dialogue with all its stakeholders. The Group reported sales of around €8 billion ($9 billion USD) in 2020, and operates in some 55 countries with 20,500 employees worldwide.

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