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DMDO, a versatile dithiol

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Product overview

DMDO (1,8-Dimercapto-3,6-dioxaoctane) is a low odor ether based di functional poly-mercaptan. DMDO can be used as a chain transfer agent commonly used in the manufacturing of polymers. It can be used as well as a curing agent or building block in adhesive, sealant and coating markets. Finally, this di-mercaptan is also efficient as a corrosion inhibition additive in the oil and gas industry.

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Chemical name : 1 ,8-Dimercapto-3,6-dioxaoctane, 1,2-Bis(2-mercaptoethoxy)ethane, 3,6-Dioxa-1,8-octanedithiol, Ethylene Glycol Bis(2-mercaptoethyl) Ether
Common name : DMDO

DMDO key features

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DMDO available for a variety of applications

Curing agent and building block

As a curing agent, DMDO is used in the coating market, his main benefits is offering a high reaction speed even at room temperature unlike standard amine curing agent.
In the adhesives and sealant market, DMDO is a di-functional mercaptan compound commonly used in the manufacturing of epoxy glues or sulfurized polymers. DMDO brings a better flexibility and improve mechanical properties, along with a low viscosity allowing an easier dispensing.
Chain transfer agent

As as chain transfer agent, DMDO is used in the polymer market, specifically in the manufacturing of acrylic polymers, providing many benefits such as:
  • a low odor,
  • a partial water solubility,
  • a high stability,
  • a high efficiency coefficient,
  • an appropriate reactivity.
Corrosion inhibition additive

As a corrosion inhibition additive, DMDO is used in the oil and gas industry.
In this use, DMDO offers a long list of benefits: it substitute oxyde layer and prevents corrosion. DMDO is also a synergist of the standard corrosion inhibitor, and allows a stable formulation.