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Sofibex Swiss Made

Discover the Product range Sodium hypophosphite.
7681-53-0, 10039-56-2
Product overview

Sodium hypophosphite, marketed under the brand name Sofibex, is manufactured in Switzerland. Given our expertise spanning more than 55 years, it is the best quality product of its kind on the market. In the form of white crystals, Sofibex is packaged in 25 kg bags, or in 500 and 1000 kg big bags. Our DEA import license holding partner enables our presence in USA as well.

Geographic availability
  • Worldwide
Technical Data
Chemical name : Sodium hypophosphite, Phosphinate sodium
Common name : Phosphinates


  • Highly fluid

  • High solubility

  • High phosphore rate during pickel deposit

  • Protection from corrosion

  • Protect from heat

  • Monohydrated

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