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Orgasol® Caresse - Multifunctional aesthetic enhancers for water-based systems

Product overview

Original micro-porous powders with a patented copolyamide 6/12 composition to ensure optimal dispersion in O/W emulsions while preserving the original features of polyamide 12. Their lipophilic structure offers high compatibility with the stratum corneum as well as long wear on the skin’s surface. Their polyamide lubricity produces a unique velvet feel.

Geographic availability
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Northern America
  • Oceania

Technical insights

The hydrophilic / lipophilic balance of its structure allows Orgasol® 4000 EXD NAT COS CARESSE to absorb high levels of oil and/or water thus transforming the sensory experience of your formulas.

With its superior dispersion capacity and average particle size at 10 µm, it displays remarkable light-diffusing properties.

Product Benefits

Enhancing touch and feel in make up

  • Velvety - creamy - silky 
  • Powdery finish 
  • Convenience and comfort-in-use
  • Coverage

The particle sizes have been designed to adjust the sensorial profile and finish: from high coverage to transparent, from creamy to velvety, with high spreading for higher diameter.

Achieving optical perfection

  • Soft focus effect
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Gloss control
  • Even application

Orgasol® 2002 Series with 5 or 10 microns particle sizes delivers an instant and long-lasting optical blurring effect.

In lipsticks, Orgaso 2002 EXD NAT COS improves the color intensity and homogeneity and helps to avoid exudation effect.

In nail lacquers, Orgasol® 2002 D NAT COS smoothens the nail surface with gloss control.

Excess sebum control

  • Anti-shine and sebum control
  • Matte finish
  • Long-lasting
  • Even complexion

Orgasol® powders brings a uniform and long lasting sebum absorption to keep a natural and unified skin glow all day. Sebum control also preserves the true colour of pigments.

Enhancing compact powders

  • Binding 
  • Long wear 
  • Softness 
  • Drop resistance

Orgasol® 2002 Series acts as a processing aid in compact powders and facilitates the use of high levels of pigments and fillers while minimizing the addition of oils and waxes.