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Nitroxy® series for Oxygen concentrators

Product overview

Oxygen concentrators are health care devices specifically designed to provide patients with regular oxygen flow, both in terms of oxygen content and flow rate, and this at any ambient temperature. At Arkema, we supply Nitroxy® series, high performance zeolite-based molecular sieves adsorbents, which are used to adsorb and remove nitrogen in the ambient air with a high efficiency PSA process to produce an oxygen flow at 95.5 % of concentration.

Geographic availability
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Northern America
  • Oceania

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Thanks to our extensive product range based on different zeolite types, you will be able to meet all requirements even the most stringent ones in terms of oxygen flow and purity adapted to all concentrator sizes.

Supported by a wide range of patents, our technical experts can analyze your operating conditions to help you optimize your performance in the design or operational phases of your oxygen concentrator.

Our extensive industrial and manufacturing experience enables us to deliver high and consistent quality products.