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Satin, gloss paints as well as pigment pastes require specific solutions, Coadis™ line presents original chemical answers that combine development of superior optical properties, gloss and gloss retention, color strength, hiding power with great applications properties, good flow and levelling and storage stability.

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Coadis™ 123 K
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Coadis™ 123 K allows high loading in mineral and organic pigments particularly TiO2 with improved water resistance. It can ...

Coadis™ 352 N
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Coadis™ 352 N is a water-based synthetic polycarboxylate dispersant that has been specially designed to quickly and efficiently produce ...

Coadis™ 790
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Coadis™ 790 is a high molecular weight wetting and dispersing agent for water-based industrial & architectural coatings, inks and ...

Coadis™ BR 3
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Coadis™ BR 3 allows at the same time a high initial gloss with excellent gloss retention, good flow and levelling and storage ...

Coadis™ BR 85
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Coadis™ BR 85 is an original solution with specific affinities for pigments and binders for deflocculation and steric ...

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Oct 20 2020
    Innovation Products Corporate

A new short video: Dispersing carbon black pigments with Coadis™ 790

The Coatex Coatings & Adhesives team is happy to share with you a short video focusing on our ...

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