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Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers have decades of experience in the sports industry. At The Materials Show, September 16-17, in Portland, OR, Arkema will showcase high-performance sports applications in which Pebax® materials can Stretch the Limits™.

Arkema’s Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers are known for their contributions to high-performance sports equipment.  Now this power brand has engaged with the most prestigious names in the sports industry, leading to the creation of a cooperative Pebax® Powered™ program geared to athletes who seek excellence without compromise.


Stretch the Limits™ with high-performance properties

Pebax® Powered™ sports equipment benefits from a variety of high performance properties.  Likewise, Pebax® Powered™ athletes around the world can boost their game beyond the competition and Stretch the Limits™ of their performance.

Key properties:

  • Lightweight

  • Energy Return

  • Tough & Flexible

  • Enduring Elasticity

  • Shock Resistant

Pebax® Powered™ video lineup

Recent competitions between Pebax® material and TPU have showcased the important performance properties for sports equipment.  Luckily these contests have been captured on film and attendees at The Materials Show on September 16th will have the first look.  Visitors to booth #716 will discover which material prevails and have an opportunity to talk with our product and market experts.  We want to discuss opportunities, push the boundaries, and Stretch the Limits™ of the sports industry with you.


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