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Arkema Group, the global leading specialty chemicals company, is attending the Chinacoat 2016 tradeshow in Guangzhou, from 30 November to 2 December (Hall 10.2-Stand C25-34). At the trade show, Arkema is introducing a comprehensive range of high performance and durable solutions for paints and coatings, including acrylic monomers, coating resins, high performance additives from Coatex, a broad product range from Sartomer, and Kynar® PVDF for coatings.

Arkema, committed to supporting its customers’ growth in Asia

With the development of the coatings market and increasingly fierce competition, Arkema is dedicated to accelerating the investment and development of the coating solutions segment, to meet its clients’ demands for more diversified and competitive products and solutions in China and Asia.

Recently, Arkema announced an investment of approximately US$15M to construct a new leading class polyester powder resin manufacturing facility in India; and the Kynar® fluoropolymers production capacity on its Changshu platform is increasing by 25% following its twofold increase since 2012, which makes the Changshu platform the largest PVDF plant in Asia.

Asia boasts one of the most rapidly growing coatings markets in the world,” said Mr. Xavier Durand-Delacre, President of Arkema Greater China. “We willl continue to make full use of our technical know-how and exert our influence in the industry, providing more innovative and competitive high performance materials to support our customers’ business growth in China and Asia.

A comprehensive offering and wide-ranging solutions

As a world leader in raw materials for paints and coatings, at Chinacoat 2016 Arkema is introducing a comprehensive offering for coatings materials(for metal, wood and plastics), decorative paints and specialty coatings, meeting the technical, economic and environmental needs and manufacturers’ requirements and enabling its customers to remain competitive while fulfilling their objectives, such as:

  • Celocor® AF opaque polymer, from Arkema Coating Resins, is an ammonia-free product for use in formulating low-odor interior and exterior architectural coatings with excellent hiding properties (up to 11% better hiding). Formulators can reduce the amount of other raw materials, most notably TiO2, to help decrease the overall cost of the formulation. It is 100% compliant with Arkema’s EnVia® certification for sustainable formulating ingredients.

  • Coapur™ XS 83, introduced by Arkema’s subsidiary Coatex, is a new highly pseudoplastic PU thickener. Dedicated to spray coating as well as thick and textured painting, this innovative additive proves its relevance from pot-life, sedimentation and syneresis to application, water resistance and color acceptance, which opens up new opportunities for paint and coating formulation.

  • The new CN888 line-up from another key business unit of Arkema, Sartomer, is a new oligomer series with various property enhancements that outperforms many of the conventional offerings for specialty coatings, including CN8881NS (high toughness), CN8885 NS (high scratch resistance), CN8886 NS (soft touch feel) and CN8887 NS (ultra-elongation), etc.

  • The E601 series, also from Sartomer, comprise newly developed engineered resins for UV curable 3D printing, taking the product range of specialty monomers and oligomers to the next level for the emerging field of Additive Manufacturing.



Innovation, a core driving force at Arkema

Taking innovation as one of its core driving forces, Arkema is always dedicated to developing sustainable solutions in line with present and future needs. In Asia and China, Arkema is making full use of its Changshu R&D Center (CRDC) and other local application laboratories and facilities to provide more targeted competitive solutions to clients and help them win more market share.