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Coatex is showcasing the company’s new Rheostyl™ E polymeric emulsifiers at In-Cosmetics North America, at the Javits Center in New York City, October 17-18, Booth #C41 (shared with Integrity Ingredients Corporation).

This new line enables the simple formulation of 100 percent emulsifier-free skin care creams with smooth textures, unique sensorial properties and water resistance.

Two grades of Rheostyl™ E will be on display and available for sample at In-Cosmetics:

  • Rheostyl™ E-Cream, which imparts a rich, cushioned texture, while offering optimal thickening efficiency and electrolyte tolerance.

  • Rheostyl™ E-Light, developed for thin emulsions with outstanding water resistance and a light fresh feel. It is ideal for use in applications such as sun care products.


Product performance benefits can include:

  • Smooth Texture. Compared to standard emulsifiers, Rheostyl™ E imparts a smoother and more homogeneous spreading in the final product.

  • Unique Sensorial Properties. Depending on the product used and formulation, these polymers make light, fresh to rich skin feel with quick penetration possible.

  • Water Resistance. Rheostyl™ E-Light is developed specifically to impart superior water resistance, making it ideal for applications such as sun care products.


Specific processing benefits of all Rheostyl™ polymeric emulsifiers include:

  • Powerful Emulsification. By eliminating the need of other emulsifiers, Rheostyl™ E offers better stability versus traditional products.

  • Formulating Versatility. These products can be used to emulsify any kind of oil, from polar to non-polar, of any viscosity. This eliminates any concerns about, or need to measure, Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB) during formulation.

  • Simplified Formulation. Rheostyl™ E removes many of the concerns and hurdles encountered in traditional product formulation, making it easier to develop new products faster and more efficiently.

“Our goal is to help formulators offer better feel, texture and other unique benefits in clean and minimalistic beauty products with fewer, and often safer, ingredients,” Alexandra Foguth-Walther, Lab Manager and Technical Service Engineer with Coatex in the NAFTA region, explained. “By developing a polymer with built in emulsification functionality, we make it easier to develop products with unique performance properties.”


Products formulated with Rheostyl™ E will also be on display and available for sample in the In-Cosmetics “Innovation Zone”, where attendees can experience the unique feel and sensorial properties for themselves.

“We developed Rheostyl™ E specifically to make it easier for formulators to develop skin care products faster and more efficiently,” Foguth-Walther said. “At the same time, we found these products impart unique product benefits and properties that add to the value of the finished product. We look forward to meeting with formulators and others interested in learning more at In-Cosmetics North America.”


To learn more, visit Booth #C41 (shared with Integrity Ingredients Corporation), visit the In-Cosmetics Innovation Zone to sample the product or visit