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Arkema launches a new website for its three flagship polymer families – Kynar® fluoropolymers, Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers, and Rilsan® high performance polyamides. The website, focused on “extreme materials”, aims to optimize the user experience with rich content and intuitive navigation.

“An extreme world needs extreme materials”. This is the theme behind Arkema’s new Technical Polymers website,, for its burgeoning technology in materials that offer high performance in very challenging conditions. 

“Arkema’s Technical Polymers business line has a rich legacy in some of the world’s most extreme material challenges,” said Kevin Hanrahan, chief marketing officer for Technical Polymers. “And it’s easy to predict that the future will bring even more extreme challenges. The world needs materials that are lighter and more resistant to chemical and physical attack. The world needs extreme performance from polymers that may be biobased, materials that can endure extreme conditions and meet the challenges of our evolving world – like faster 3D printing, lighter cars, lighter and “faster” running shoes, longer lasting solar panels, higher throughput water filtration membranes, and more powerful lithium ion batteries,” said Hanrahan. “Our new website enables the user to easily navigate through these themes and rapidly access, compare and download grade-specific data.”

Users can browse the site by product or by market/application – with equal levels of comfort and intuitiveness. It also features an integrated materials database – accessible with one click from any page within the site. This database allows the user to select, compare and download specific technical data in several languages.

The website is much more visually rich than previous versions, with new animation and video. “Today’s users demand more than just tables of data,” says Erwoan Pezron, global president for Arkema’s Technical Polymers. “Our website now tells rich stories in an interactive way. It’s the next best thing to sitting and chatting with the user.”

A secondary theme of the website is “Let’s run together™”. This is an inviting call to action, where Arkema asks the user to engage with its Technical Polymers business. “We want to collaborate,” says Pezron. “We want to solve material problems in close collaboration with our customers,” he added. “The new website is an outstanding way for new users to engage with us and to share our tremendous portfolio of innovative solutions for a world that is becoming more extreme.”

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