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The Technical Polymers Business Line of Arkema has just launched its new material database. Accessible online on all five of their product websites, the new material database provides technical data on fluoropolymer and specialty polyamide resin grades from Arkema.

The database displays technical data, charts, and graphs on over 200 grades of Kynar®, Pebax®, Rilsan®, Orgalloy® and Rilsamid® resins. This new database allows the customer to compare properties of several grades at once as well as search the database by resin properties.  A customized technical data sheet in a PDF format can also be downloaded for each grade on the database. The database provides the user with the ability to view or download the technical data in five languages (English, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese) and to switch between US and metric units.

"It is our goal to provide accurate, timely, market-focused information on our products in an attractive and easy to navigate form that will optimize the user experience”, states Dr. Erwoan Pezron, Global Group President Technical Polymers. “The launch of the material database is a significant step towards that goal.

The material database includes single point data, as well as graphical information (multi point data). For both categories, extensive tools for navigation and search are available, like generation of tables, comparison of grades, zoom and print functions (e.g. based on pdf formats).

It facilitates quick and easy comparison between the different grades. Materials can be selected according to grade name and a selection based on numerical values is also possible. The material data sheets generated in PDF format include single point values, curves and text information.


Our team is present at the K-show and is available to show you the new materials database or answer any of your questions about it. Come to our booth Hall 6 / C57, for a live demonstration!


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