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Arkema launches the Pebax Powered® campaign, its latest communication on Pebax® TPE, an ultra-performance elastomer used by leading sports equipment brands. (Adidas, Nike, Puma, the North Face, etc.).


The Group will assist sports equipment manufacturers to further highlight the properties of Pebax® in sports shoes and to enhance the appeal of sports brands with consumers.  


“Our Pebax® elastomer is already renowned among equipment manufacturers for its exceptional characteristics. With the marketing of Pebax Powered®, we want to further publicize the assets of Pebax® to consumers and athletes of all stripes, professional to amateur. And Pebax Powered® will help boost the appeal of our customers’ brands,” sums up Guido Donà, in charge of the Pebax Powered® project at ARKEMA.


Pebax Powered® logo: an added bonus for sports brands

Pebax Powered logoSports shoes represent one of the premier markets for Pebax® elastomer.


Its unique combination of toughness, elasticity, light weight and flexibility allows the manufacture of soles that bring performance, comfort and precision to sports footwear.



Pebax® truly stands out from other elastomers. Special Pebax Powered® labelling on the shoe will emphasize the technical benefits of Pebax®; consumers will now connect the performance of the shoe with this key material. More information on


Pebax®, the toughest elastomer?

Arkema demonstrates this in five original video clips depicting the key characteristics sought after by athletes. In each video, Pebax® is tested for one of these properties, pitted against another elastomer also used in sports shoes. The result is entertaining and unmistakable! The all-round superiority of Pebax® elastomer is established.


Light weight


Energy return


Enduring elasticity



Toughness and flexibility


Shock resistance

Pebax®, a talented polymer, unique in the market


On the market for over 30 years, constantly renewed and improved, Pebax® is a high performance thermoplastic elastomer featuring a unique array of sought-after properties – light weight, energy return, flexibility, elasticity, fatigue resistance, impact resistance -  all customized and fine-tuned by changing the ratio of its two components: polyamide blocks (for rigidity) and polyether blocks (for flexibility).

Over the years Pebax® has won over leading sports brands, including Adidas, Nike, Puma, the North Face, Babolat and Mizuno, who have used it to design the soles of their football, rugby, running, tennis and trekking shoes and boots, as have Scarpa, Dynafit, Fischer and Scott for their ski boots.

Did you know?

Widely praised for their outstanding properties, Pebax® soles enhanced the performance of over half the football players in the 2014 World Cup.

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