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Arkema continues to innovate and develop ever more efficient materials for coatings that are both tougher and easier to apply, while addressing environmental constraints. Working closely with its customers, the Group markets a unique multi-technology and multi-product offering for the paint, and coatings and adhesives markets, to be showcased at the European Coatings Show, Nürnberg, 19 to 21 March 2019 (Hall 4A – Stand 313).

The ECS trade show, held every other year, is the leading gathering for all players in the coatings market. And for the Group’s personnel, it is an exceptional opportunity to meet and talk with their customers and present their latest innovations in this field. Building on its expertise in the coatings sector over many years as well as its pragmatic approach and its open-minded and attentive relationship with its partners, Arkema offers tailor-made solutions to meet specific market needs, based on geographic location and on end-applications, while integrating an environmental dimension, now a main concern.


Thanks to its wide-ranging portfolio of materials and technologies, Arkema covers the vast majority of the coatings markets. This is what the Group will be presenting at ECS 2019:

For transportation (automotive, railway, etc.)

- A wide range of innovative resins for waterborne or solvent paints.

- Specialty liquid resins and Sartomer’s Sarbio® resins.

- Additives for protective varnishes and top coats for plastic surfaces.

For packaging

- Ultra high purity solvent-free inks from the new Low Migration Sartomer® range developed specifically for this market.

- Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) from the Encor® range for outperforming and aesthetic labelling

- Bisphenol A-free bonding solutions for the food industry under the brand name Vitel®.

For construction

- An extensive ranges of eco-responsible formulations for every type of interior decoration, in particular the Synolac® range that celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2019.

- Kynar® 500 PVDF resins for architectural outdoor coatings boasting outstanding durability,.

- Coapur™ 3320, a new non-ionic polyurethane-based thickener for top quality coatings applied by brush or by roller.

- A new range of Sartomer methacrylate oligomers will be on show for sealants and very high quality and long-lasting protective coatings.

For industry

- Biosourced protective coatings like the Rilsan® Fine Powders range.

- Reafree® powder polyester resins.

Rheological additives such as Coadis™ 790 wetting and dispersing agents for waterborne industrial coatings.

- Additives from the Crayvallac® range for a huge field of applications.

- Polyamide fine powder additives (Orgasol®) to improve texture and surface resistance.

For 3D printing

- A unique range of N3xtdimension® photocure liquid resins with exceptional properties.




To find out more about our product ranges and all our materials and innovative solutions, come and talk to our experts on our stand (Stand 313, Hall 4A) and follow or attend our conferences at the trade show.

Program of Arkema conferences at ECS 2019

  • Very high solids to decrease VOC

10h00 – 10h30 – Shanghai room

  • Effect of latex design parameters on final coating film properties

13h30 – 14h00 – Shanghai room

  • High-performance EB-curable solutions

9h50 – 10h10, Hall 1, Stand 1-131

  • Reactivity boosters for low-energy curing

15h10 – 15h30, Hall 1, Stand 1-131


Tuesday 19 March

  • Pressure sensitive adhesives solutions by Arkema, a multi-technology expert

11h50 – 12h10, Hall 4, Stand 4-214


Wednesday 20 March

  • New V2475 copolyester resin for cap and interior can coating applications

9h50, Hall 9, Stand 9-544

  • Non isocyanate resins for industrial coating

11h30 – 11h50, Hall 4, Stand 4-216

  • Unique (meth)acrylate oligomer resins,

12h10 - 12h30, Hall 4, Stand 4-214

  • Low migration and food packaging challenges,

12h10 – 12h30, Hall 9, Stand 9-544

  • New wetting and dispersing agent for water-based industrial coatings

13h10, Hall 9

  • Highly efficient nonionic associative thickener for high quality coatings applied by brush and roller

13h10, Hall 4

  • New modified emulsion for high performances for decorative markets

13h50 – 14h10, Hall 4, Stand 4-215

Thursday 21 March

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