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Arkema offers high performance polymers for metal coating including Rilsan® Polyamide 11 (Nylon 11), Kynar® PVDF, and Keptsan® PEKK. Rilsan® PA11 powders are easy-to-process powder coatings with very high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Rilsan® PA11 is 100% bio-based (made from castor beans) and is commonly used in the automotive, outdoor equipment, water, and oil & gas industries. Kynar® PVDF powder coatings offer high chemical and UV resistance. Kynar® PVDF is commonly used in the chemical, water, and semiconductor industries. Kepstan® PEKK powder coating offer the highest temperature performance and extreme chemical resistance. Kepstan® PEKK is commonly used in the semiconductor, oil & gas, and transportation industries. Arkema can provide resins or formulated solutions to meet the demands of any application.