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​​​​​​​Certincoat® flat glass coatings


Arkema's Flat Glass team is dedicated to the development of advanced coating technologies that improve the energy savings and performance of glass. Enjoy enhanced comfort without sacrificing flexibility in design. Certincoat® Low Emissivity coatings combine exceptional energy savings performance with the durability and ease of handling of clear glass.




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Certincoat® BlueLite
  • 製品
Certincoat® BlueLite hard CVD coatings provide durable blue color coating on energy efficient windows for shade in warm (cooling ...
Certincoat® Low E
  • 製品
Certincoat® Low E coating is a pyrolytic multilayer coating and energy efficient glazing product designed to prevent heat loss from ...
Certincoat® SunE
  • 製品
Certincoat® SunE coating combines solar control with low emissivity in a neutral color hard ceramic coating suitable for either ...
Certincoat® SunLite
  • 製品
Solar radiation control is the ability to control solar heat gain, or the amount of heat from the sun that enters a window. ...
Certincoat® TCO
  • 製品
Growing demands for renewable energy make Certincoat® TCO glass coating a vital element in your future solar cell applications as well ...