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DMDS Evolution® E2 for steamcrackers coking mitigation

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Ethylene is the largest volume of basic chemical produced by the steamcracking of hydrocarbons. Cracking to produce olefins, suffers from side reactions that product carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon deposits on the cracking coils. Excess of CO leads to off spec ethylene and while fast coking reduces cracking furnace run lengths, productivity and profitability.
Fortunately, a very low concentration of DMDS Evolution® E2 injected in the cracking furnace mitigates those side reactions. DMDS Evolution® E2 produces only H2S and methane and no solid or coke deposit. Year after year, all licensors of ethylene furnaces and olefins manufacturers recommend to inject DMDS Evolution® E2  to meet the designed performance.

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Ensuring a maximum efficiency

For more than 40 years, Arkema has improved the DMDS Evolution® E2 quality, packaging and worldwide availability. Everyday, more than 150 steamcrackers in the world rely on Arkema to source their anticoking agent.

DMDS Evolution® E2  ideally decomposes at 600° C to H2S and methane, ensuring a maximum efficiency from the entry to the outlet of cracking tubes where side reactions take place.

Optimized logistics for reliable supply and injection

DMDS Evolution® E2 availability is critical for an ethylene producer. With two world-class DMDS manufacturing plants, and a world-wide logistic network with local bulk storages close to every major olefin production area, Arkema offers a unique supply chain organization with shortest lead times for reliable supply throughout the year and in every area of the world.

Arkema has also developed fleets of customized returnable packaging to ease and secure the DMDS unloading operations.

Ask Arkema about supply solutions to optimize your storages and inventories on site. Arkema's logistic team shares also their experience and expertise in sulfur derivatives handling to customize packaging, connectivity and train your team on DMDS Evolution® E2 handling.

DMDS Evolution® E2 properties:

  • Liquid over a wide range of temperature: DMDS remains liquid in a large range of temperature (from -85° C to 109° C), which makes it easy to handle, transfer and inject.
  • The highest sulfur content on the market: With a sulfur content of 68 w%,  DMDS Evolution® E2 is the the most efficient sulfur carrier available to reduce coking in your steamcrackers and optimize your operations.
  • Perfect vaporization profile: With a boiling point of 109° C, DMDS Evolution® E2 ensures a fast vaporization in the steamcracking process, and a homogenous distribution in all cracking tubes.
  • Ideal decomposition for outstanding performances: DMDS Evolution® E2 quickly vaporized in the steamcracking furnace without side reactions. From 400 to 600° C, it converts fully into H2S and methane, reaching its maximum level at the entry of the cracking tubes, where it is exactly needed.
  • Outstanding performance with superior scent: DMDS Evolution® E2 is a breakthrough formulation with outstanding odor control and safe handling operations. It provides a pleasant fragrance.

DMDS Evolution® E2 benefits in steamcracking furnaces


Homogenous distribution for outstanding anticoking effect: DMDS Evolution® E2 distributes homogeneously in the process at low temperatures and remains stable up to 400° C to provide the best anticoking performance all over the furnace coils surface to prevent coking.


Clean decomposition that minimizes coke formation in the cracking tubes and ensures long life cycles for a better productivity.


DMDS Evolution® E2 outstanding scent improves the user experience.


Approved by Technology Licensors of cracking furnace DMDS Evolution® E2 has become the standard anti-coking agent.

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