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Neoliens tensioactif non ionique biosourcé

Présentation du produit
Our new bio-based surfactant range, Neoliens™ provide multiple benefits and advantages, enhances lubricant and industrial applications:

Stable emulsion with low particule size / Low foam behavior, high HLB version / Narrow range ethoxylated surfactant possible TCO (Total Cost Ownership) benefits / Designed for acidic and basic pH range for industrial application, rolling oil and metal working fluid / Designed for high perfomance industrial cleaner: high detergency and surfactant behavior / Non aquatoxic surfactant and Readily biodegradable: 87,8 % after 28 days (Method: OECD Test Guideline 301 F).

The range is derived from castor oil, a vegetal source out of palm oil and without competition with food chain. Neoliens product formulations meet and outperform today’s formulator and consumer needs while limiting the impact on the environment. 
Disponibilité géographique
  • Europe