Arkema’s Platform in Pierre-Bénite

Located south of Lyon, in the heart of France’s “Chemical Valley,” Arkema’s Pierre-Bénite platform, operating since 1902, consists of the Pierre-Bénite plant, the Technical, IT, and Administrative Center (CETIA, described below), and the Rhône-Alpes Research Center (CRRA).

The Pierre-Bénite production unit specializes in the manufacture of products derived from fluorine chemistry. It produces Forane® fluorinated gases and Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

L'unité de production Arkema de Pierre-Bénite

Activities of the Pierre-Bénite Plant

With a total workforce of 400 employees, the Pierre-Bénite plant exports nearly 90,000 metric tons of finished products each year.


The core business of Arkema’s Pierre-Bénite plant is the manufacture of products derived from fluorine chemistry, which are used particularly for refrigeration, refrigerated transport, and air conditioning (which is the case with Forane® fluorinated gases), as well as polymers, catalysis, and agrochemical intermediates (Foranext®).


The Kynar® produced at Arkema’s Pierre-Bénite site is used in construction, the offshore industry, automotive cables, and chemical engineering. With low permeability to most gases and liquids, it is also highly resistant. This innovative material, which optimizes battery performance for electric vehicles, reflects Arkema’s commitment to developing products that meet the challenges of sustainable development.


Certified OHSAS 18001, the Pierre-Bénite plant meets the requirements of safety regulations by carrying out hazard studies, training its staff in safety, and conducting regular exercises with internal teams and external response teams.


In order to constantly improve working conditions and ensure everyone’s safety, the Pierre-Bénite plant has an integrated management reference system (Arkema Integrated Management System).


Classified as Seveso 2 high threshold, the plant complies with the European directive on the control of major-accident hazards. Always aiming to limit the impact of its activities on the environment, the Pierre-Bénite production unit is certified ISO 14001.

The Pierre-Bénite Unit in Key Figures (2016)

Number of Employees 400


(* made during the year)

€1.7 M in QHSE (quality, hygiene, safety, environment)

Industrial Safety 1 lost-time accident


ISO 14001: Environmental Management

OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management


Community Involvement

Common ground written in blank on blu backgroud, with three orange oblique lines on the left

As part of the Common Ground® program, the CETIA and CRRA of Pierre-Bénite organize actions with elected officials, local residents, and school groups.

Included activities:

  • Presence at the Mondial des métiers, Rhône Alpes Disabled Forum, and HandiAgora job fair
  • Sponsor of the Envol trophée (Pierre-Bénite’s international athletics meet) and of the Les foulées de Beauregard sports festival in Saint-Genis-Laval
  • Participation in Run in Lyon
  • Hosting of the cinema workshop at the social center Graine de vie in Pierre-Bénite for a film shooting.
  • Meeting with stakeholders (elected officials, press, school audiences)
  • Partnership with NATURAMA to preserve local biodiversity
  • Interview with an employee with a disability as part of the “La tête de l’emploi” (Right Person for the Job) series


The CETIA of Pierre-Bénite

A Global Expertise and Engineering Center

Le CETIA de Pierre-Bénite

Arkema’s technical, IT, and administrative expertise brought together at the CETIA contributes to the performance of Business Units (BUs) and industrial sites. It is a group of around 500 people in six entities with innovative engineering and focusing on excellence and sustainable development:


  • ITEAM—The Information Systems and Telecommunications Department defines and implements the Group’s IS strategy, proposing solutions adapted to users’ needs while integrating the challenges linked to cybersecurity.
  • The Technical Department plays the role of industrial architect, responsible for movement from the laboratory to the production site. It designs and builds high-performance industrial units with criteria that respect reliability, safety, health protection, and the environment.
  • GASP—The Goods and Services Purchasing Department manages all purchases of goods and services for recurring expenditures and investment expenditures of Arkema industrial sites and establishments, in accordance with specifications and at the best cost.
  • The Process Department supports BUs in the choice and improvement of processes and associated technologies. It is also carrying out advanced research into the most promising technologies.
  • The Process Safety Department participates in defining the Group’s requirements for the prevention of industrial accidents, and advises BUs and plants with specialized tools and training.
  • The teams of the Shared HR and Accounts Payable Service Centers support those present on the sites. The HR department is in charge of administrative activities and training, and the accounting department is in charge of invoices and expense reports for the establishments of Arkema and its subsidiaries.

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