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Whether it’s an accident in or outside of the workplace, illness, aging, burn-out, etc., workers can be faced with a disability at any time. As a responsible employer, Arkema is committed to the employability and integration of people with disabilities. The goal is twofold: to welcome all potential talents and to provide the best support for employees affected by disability.

A responsible policy for the employment of workers with disabilities

Today, “any person whose possibilities of obtaining or keeping a job are effectively reduced following the deterioration of one or more physical, sensory, mental, or psychological functions” is considered a worker with a disability.

Since 2008, Arkema has pursued a proactive policy for the integration of people with disabilities.

At the end of 2020, the company signed a 5th agreement, with a 3-year term. This provides for the hiring of 59 employees with disabilities (target impacted by the health crisis), as well as:

  • Reinforcing the role of disability officers at Arkema sites, through a wider range of training.
  • New partnerships with those involved in employment and professional integration, e.g. AKTISEA, a recruitment agency with at least 50% disabled employees.
  • A broader range of assistance to caregiver employees: two days’ authorized leave with pay when a child is struck by a disability, or to assist a disabled family member in dealing with formalities.
  • Extending measures to improve everyday life for disabled employees (technical and equipment accommodations, assistance with transport, adapting working conditions, specific training, etc.).
During the term of the 4th agreement (2017-2020):
  • 94 new recruits were effected (all types of contracts).
  • Turnover with the protected workers sector increased by over 38.9% (between 2016 and 2019).
  • The direct employment rate was 4.29% (end 2019).
  • The overall employment rate was 4.71% (end 2019).

In all of its trade divisions, Arkema recruits employees—recent graduates and experienced workers alike—seeking demanding and stimulating jobs. Only talent matters: without consideration of age, gender, origin, or disability, the Group relies on people with operational, forward-looking profiles to build the future."

Over and above quantified targets, Arkema is pursuing and strengthening its disability initiatives in five key areas:

  • Implementing an open recruitment and integration policy, based on skills criteria and without prejudice.
  • Maintaining people in work, guaranteeing access to training and career development, by seeking individual solutions without delay in order to prevent the social consequences of disability and of disabled family members.
  • Including disabled people in training programs, to improve their qualification levels and therefore their ability to integrate professionally in the company.
  • Developing partnerships with the protected sector, by expanding subcontracting with specialist service providers who welcome disabled people for certain activities.
  • Raising awareness in in-house stakeholders, to boost every employee’s capacity for openness and solidarity, and their ability to make the efforts that may be needed on a daily basis.