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Global warming, plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, more sustainable product solutions... these issues underpin the development of all major industrial groups. At Arkema, this CSR roadmap was put in place very early on, but this year it is reflected in a particularly ambitious new climate plan and a carbon trajectory that is among the industry’s most challenging.

What ACTIONS are we going to implement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our plants ?

What SOLUTIONS are we developing for our customers to support their sustainable business growth and address the major social, environmental and energy challenges we face? This 2022 annual report describes the concrete measures we are taking in our plants worldwide to reduce our carbon footprint, and highlights examples of materials solutions developed for our customers that combine performance and sustainability.
It also showcases our human resource management assets. Because to attract and retain employees, we must not only adhere scrupulously to our CSR and climate commitments; we must also be able to convince and motivate our workforce to foster a sense of belonging. Arkema is therefore working to PROMOTE its HR assets!

AMBITION, ACTION, SOLUTIONS, PROMOTION are the four major themes of this 2022 annual report.