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In terms of design, this new edition of INNOVATIVE has a new look, new colours and a new graphic identity. In terms of content, it is as rich and educational as ever, describing Arkema's commitment to meeting the major societal, environmental and economic challenges.

Over and above the traditional sections - interview with Thierry Le Hénaff, key financial and extra-financial figures, CSR approach, highlights of the year or reports on our major industrial projects -, INNOVATIVE remains the showcase document for our latest innovations and contributions to a more sustainable world.

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At the heart of the document, we have chosen this year to illustrate our new signature INNOVATIVE MATERIALS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD through seven beliefs, illustrated in seven dossiers that shed light on how our materials solutions and expertise contribute in a very concrete way to the development of:

  • electric cars,  
  • hydrogen vehicles and biofuels for aviation,
  • more sustainable and environmentally friendly coatings and paints,
  • biosourced polymers and their recycling,
  • 3D printing that reinvents everyday objects,
  • recyclable wind turbine blades,
  • or more efficient adhesives in transport.

Through interviews, market trend analysis, on-site reports, and an inside look at Bostik's operations, INNOVATIVE gives you the keys to a better understanding of the Group's main activities that will drive Arkema's future and sustainable growth.

Finally, the human factor and our talents are also in the spotlight, through a value that is dear to us, inclusion, and which this year has become part of the Group's core HR values. Hence, this issue features the testimonies of our Group Talent Director as well as employees from the four corners of the globe on how they live and share this key value for the Group.