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In response to the COVID-19 epidemic and the health situation, Arkema has decided to repurpose a production line in order to manufacture, starting today, 20 tons of alcohol-based solution per week to be distributed free of charge and as a matter of urgency to hospitals in France.

In this time of health crisis, the Group will be using a pilot line at its Rhône Alpes Research Center (CRRA), near Lyon, which will be dedicated to the manufacture of an alcohol-based solution in order to help out healthcare professionals now under considerable strain.

The solution will be supplied to the French health authorities, and will be earmarked in particular for the mass restocking of public hospitals.

Accordingly, Arkema has been granted all necessary administrative authorizations.

Arkema would like to thank all in-house and external teams involved in this project, which is entirely consistent with the Group’s values of responsibility and solidarity.