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In the presence of Emmanuel Macron, French Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Sector, on a visit to Arkema’s Pierre-Bénite site, the President of “Alliance Industrie du Futur “announced the award by unanimous vote of a “vitrine technologique” label to Arkema’s thermoplastic composites.

At a meeting of the strategy committee of the “Chemistry and Materials”* network on its Pierre-Bénite site near Lyon, France, held on June 2nd, Arkema was awarded the “technology showcase” label by the Alliance industrie du Futur for this project involving the setting-up of a recyclable thermoplastic composites scheme.

Arkema, which very early on included the 
“composites, lighter materials and material design” issue among its major research and development vectors, stands as lead partner in this recyclable thermoplastic venture, the first demonstration unit of which is the Institut de Recherche Technologique M2P plant based in Metz, France, currently in its startup phase, geared to the high-speed production of recyclable thermoplastic automotive parts.

With the Elium® technology, Arkema offers a range of liquid thermoplastic resins processed by the same methods (resin transfer molding, infusion, flex-molding) as those used for thermoset resins, hence keeping down capital expenditure for processors.

Composite parts made from Elium® are 30 to 50% lighter than their steel equivalent, but just as sturdy and strong. Combined with natural fibers, glass fiber or carbon fiber, Elium® acrylic resins accommodate the intricate shapes and designs of composite parts.

With their thermoplastic nature, Elium® resins allow the design of composite parts that are easy to thermoform and, above all, are recyclable, while boasting comparable mechanical performances to those of epoxy components. Furthermore, Elium® components are very easy to assemble by welding or by bonding, in particular using structural adhesives from Bostik, an Arkema subsidiary.

This label was presented by Philippe Darmayan, to Thierry Le Hénaff, Arkema Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron, standing alongside the first monohull built with this technology – hence fully recyclable – thanks to Arkema’s advanced materials. Unveiled at JEC 2016, the global tradeshow for composites applications, Arkema’s innovative-design Mini 6.50 will take part in its first ocean races this summer.

*Chaired by Emmanuel Macron, and in the presence of Thierry Le Hénaff, the strategy committee of the ”Chemistry and Materials” body validated the new scheme contract, an ambitious roadmap for these industries in France.