The Arkema Mont production unit

Located at the heart of the economic center of the Greater Southwest region, near the Lacq/Mourenx hub which provides it with a major portion of its raw materials and utilities, the Arkema Mont plant contributes to the economic vitality of the Pau-Orthez employment pool, with 266 employees plus 80 subcontracted employees.

L'unité de production Arkema de Mont

Mont site activity

Mont’s four production workshops produce 100,000 metric tons of products per year. The plant specializes in the production of Lactame 12 (lauryl lactam). This monomer is mainly used in other Arkema factories to produce Polyamide 12 (Rilsamid®) which is used in transport (automotive technical parts), the petroleum industry (pipe coating), and sports (shoes, rackets).


The Mont production unit also manufactures Orgasol® polyamide powders used in the cosmetics, paint, and aeronautics fields.


Arkema Mont also produces Nanostrength®, nanostructured co-polymers, and Graphistrength®, carbon nanotubes. These materials are used in aeronautics, the automobile industry, and sports.


Classified as a Seveso 3, the Mont facility meets environmental and safety requirements: the site is ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

The Mont Unit in key figures (2019)

Number of employees

 Industrial safety

2 accidents on site, occurring on 04/10/2019 and 04/19/2019


ISO 14001: Environmental management

ISO 9001: Quality management

ISO 50001: Energy management

OHSAS 18001: Safety management


Community Involvement

Common ground written in blank on blu backgroud, with three orange oblique lines on the left

As part of Common Ground®, the Arkema Mont plant regularly conducts communications and awareness-raising operations for residents, elected officials, and school groups.


In the program:

  • Open door days and guided tours of the site
  • Welcoming students for a factory tour
  • Welcoming local manufacturers
  • Sponsorships and partnerships with local cultural and sports associations
  • Participation in the Féminine de Pau women’s race
  • Participation in the Professors in Business and Technicians & Engineers in Schools programs with the CGénial Foundation
  • Participation in the Fête de la Science science festival in Mourenx and Pau (see below)
  • Donation of computer equipment to educational institutions, along with the Lacq-Mourenx and GRL research facility (Groupement de Recherches de Lacq)

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