The Arkema Honfleur production unit

The Arkema plant in Honfleur produces molecular sieves and Levilite. The Honfleur production unit was created in 1895 in Calvados, Lower Normandy. In 1975, the plant started specializing in molecular sieves, which remains its flagship activity. More than a century after its creation, the site is spread out over nearly 9 hectares and has a positive economic effect throughout the region.

Arkema Honfleur plant activity

L'unité de production de Honfleur

With about one hundred employees and twenty external people employed yearly, the Arkema plant is Honfleur’s largest employer.


20,000 metric tons of products leave the workshops each year. The teams specialize in physicochemical processes for the manufacture of molecular sieves and Levilite.


The plant is ICPE recognized as a Facility Classified for Environmental Protection (Installation Classée pour la Protection de l’Environnement) with a license to operate, but is not Seveso classified. Its ecological approach can be seen especially by the presence of an integrated purification plant. In 2010, with a view to modernizing its operations, the Arkema plant in Honfleur, which has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998, initiated a continuous improvement approach based on LEAN tools through TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).


In order to support the growth of its customers in the refining and petrochemicals sector, the site inaugurated a production unit for specialty molecular sieves in April 2017.

Community Involvement

Common ground written in blank on blu backgroud, with three orange oblique lines on the left

The Arkema plant in Honfleur participates in community life through various communication actions carried out as part of the Common Ground® program.

An annual dialogue commission is thus an opportunity for residents and elected officials to learn about the plant’s activities and actions in terms of safety, health and environmental protection.

Honfleur in key figures (2019)

Number of employees



(made during the year)

€0.5 million in occupational health and safety, hygiene and environment


ISO 9001: Quality management



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