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Over 8,000 Arkema employees have subscribed for 610,405 shares totaling €50 million as part of the sixth capital increase reserved for them. The amounts invested and the high participation rate highlight the employees’ confidence in the Group’s long-term strategy.

Arkema conducted a share capital increase reserved for employees on 26 April 2018, the sixth such operation since its stock market listing 12 years ago.


8,413 subscriptions were registered in 31 countries, totaling €50 million. The employee participation rate increased compared to the previous operation in 2016, reaching 69% in France and 25% outside France, i.e. 41% on average.


The subscription period took place from 9 to 22 March 2018, with a subscription price of €81.97 per share.


At the close of the operation, 610,405 shares were created, taking employee shareholding to around 6%.



The newly issued Arkema shares will bear rights from 1st January 2017, with entitlement to dividend payment in 2018.