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Initiated at the time of its 10th anniversary and in line with its CSR commitment, Arkema has set up an Education Fund, its purpose being to help finance projects put forward by Arkema employee volunteers involved in promoting education. Under this new scheme, the Group backs its employees’ work, involvement and commitment around the world. For this first session launched in January 2017, nine educational associations have been singled out.

Selected associations world tour

Downingtown Area Robotics (United States)

Thanks to the Downingtown Area Robotics association, teams of schoolchildren build robots and take part in official robotics competitions. The grant allocated by Arkema will be used to purchase new equipment.

Feed Projects (United States)

This association fights famine and malnutrition in poor neighborhoods, in particular by providing free school lunches to children from disadvantaged families.

Frank Hammond Elementary School Science Club (United States)

Children attending the Frank Hammond Elementary School Science Club learn the basics of science through experiments. The grant will go towards the purchase of equipment.

Abraço Cultural (Brazil)

Abraço Cultural helps refugees integrate into Brazilian society through educational, cultural and language training. The funds released will be allocated to refurbishing classrooms, improving teaching equipment, and recruiting new teachers.

Votre école chez vous (France)

Votre école chez vous provides home tuition to sick or disabled children who cannot go to school. In addition to its network of teachers, the association wants to develop "virtual classrooms" for distance learning.

Prométhée Humanitaire (France)

Providing schooling to street children throughout the world and promoting the integration of these at-risk youth is the aim of Prométhée Humanitaire. Thanks to Arkema’s additional funding, the association will now be able to open a new center accommodating 30 children in Senegal

Univers-Sel (France)

Salt producers in Guérande exchange their know-how with producers of salt and rice in Benin and Guinea in order to develop sustainable agriculture. Univers-Sel is also involved in France, particularly in acquainting children with the techniques used in salt marshes.

ChemArt Green Innovation Class (China)

Thirty or so volunteers from Arkema China get involved to raise Chinese pupils’ awareness of issues related to health, innovation and environmental protection.

Italian Association Bladder exstrophy (Italy)

This association fights a rare disease called bladder exstrophy-epispadias. It promotes scientific research, provides support to families, and runs awareness campaigns.


Watch this space in June 2017 to find out which associations have been selected for the next session!