Websites and locations

The coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19) continues to spread. Naturally, Arkema is watching its evolution in real time and mobilizing around the world in an attempt to deal with this unprecedented health situation.

We are putting in place our own health instructions in the various countries in which we operate in line with the directives laid down by those countries’ government agencies. It is vital that we all observe these instructions rigorously.

In these troubled times, Arkema’s priority is to protect the men and women of the Group, and to act in solidarity with the government agencies to help minimize the spread of the virus, with particular vigilance regarding the most vulnerable in society.

In accordance with the decisions taken by the authorities, appropriate measures are being implemented on our sites to ensure individual and collective protection and safeguard the health of both our employees and our contractors. Hence we have further reduced exposure and contacts, and we are limiting access solely to those people who are essential on the sites, with stringent hygiene and disinfection measures. We are also making sure that barrier gestures and social distancing are observed. Finally, teleworking is now the preferred option based on the suitability of the workstations and on the business continuity needs.

At the same time, Arkema is organizing with determination and creativity to ensure the continuity of its activities and operations, in order to serve its customers and supply its products which are often key for many sectors, and therefore for the economy of the countries in which we operate.

In this environment that calls upon the energy and sense of solidarity of each of us, several of our products are used directly in the fight against the virus, and our teams are hard at work to respond to the surging demand with regard to molecular sieves for oxygen concentrators used by people with respiratory failure, as well as acrylic sheets (PMMA) used to shield and protect personnel working in large retail outlets and in services generally from contacts in the course of their jobs.

Furthermore, we have dedicated a pilot line at one of our research centers in France to the mass production and distribution, free of charge, of alcohol-based solution to hospitals, using the hydrogen peroxide produced on our Jarrie site.

On the collective strength of our values of commitment, responsibility and solidarity, all of the Group’s employees are rallying to handle and respond to this major and unprecedented crisis as best we can and with unwavering resolve.